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My name is Connie Redhead & my husband's name is Bob Redhead.
Our home is on the Mount Barker Road, the Princess Highway; we live just a short drive into the beautiful Adelaide Hills.
Our home is Heritage listed as it was built in 1845. It was once known as Ye Olde Mountain Hut, in 1846 the building was re- named The Mountain Hut. This was a place where all the early settlers stopped for the night or a drink. It no longer holds a license as a hotel.
This place has seen many changes since then.
We have lived here since 1990. We run quite a large Boarding Kennel & Cattery which is called All Pets Boarding Village. This is where you will find the Famous Landmaster Kennels
We purchased our first Australian Cattle Dog in 1970; we have been actively showing since then. We have been extremely lucky with our Australian Cattle Dogs. One of our first home bred Australian Cattle Dogs to win Best In Show at an All Breeds show was N.Z. & Aust Champion Landmaster O'Iron Bark (King). Then Came the Famous Australian Champion Landmaster U' Sundowner (Sunny) - the Greatest Red  Australian Cattle Dog of all times. Sunny dominated the Australian Show ring from 1977 to His retirement in 1987. Having been a Multiple Best In Show Winner, and an Excellent Stud Dog, whose progeny still bear his wonderful distinctive good looks and his wonderful quality that the Australian Cattle Dog, should have. Those who knew him will never forget him, he was truly a legend in his lifetime, not only Australian Cattle Dog people admired him, but every one would watch him show. He was a magnificent show dog and a wonderful representative of the breed.

I have been involved with many canine friends over the years and have shown Jack Russell Terriers, Australian Terriers, Australian Kelpies, Miniature Schnauzers, Border Collies, Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs, German Shepherds, Belgian Shepherds, Rough Coated Collies, Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Old English sheepdog, Miniature Dachshunds Smooth, Standard Long Coated Dachshund, Greyhounds, Boise, & Chow Chow. I have achieved Best In Show, Runner Up In Show, Royal Challenges & Best In Group with many of these dogs.
 Bob is  passed to judge Group 5 (Working/Herding), Group 2 (Terriers) and Group 6 (Utility). He is currently studying Group 1 (Toys) and Group 4 (Hounds) and finishing Group 3 (Gundogs/Sporting) this year.  Our evenings are extremely busy with meeting & Lectures.

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